“Sometimes the best way to uncover a new goal or dream is to step back, make space, and allow what's next to find you.” - Cheryl Richardson

What is life coaching, and is it for me?

If you are ready for forward momentum in any area of your life, then life coaching is for you. Coaching is action-oriented.  The coaching process will encourage you to be more intentional about your life—to say “I choose” and then to take small, consistent steps toward implementing that choice.  

The synergy of the coaching relationship will help you close the ‘gap’ between where you are now and where you want to be. Maybe you have always wanted to write a book, but you can’t seem to get any traction. Maybe you want to improve one of your relationships—be a better spouse or parent or boss. Maybe you are so busy that life is spinning out of control, and you want to get back in the driver’s seat. Each of these scenarios is a coaching opportunity.  

A good coach doesn't dole out advice. In fact, a good coach will let you do most of the talking. She will listen empathically, and she will ask provocative questions that stimulate your thinking and invite you to tap into your creative energy. Once an action plan materializes, she will challenge you to commit to taking specific steps, and she will gently hold you accountable. She will remind you to celebrate your successes, and she will encourage you to get up and dust yourself off when you fall down. This all happens in a non-judgmental atmosphere and in the safety of complete confidentiality.

What is the coaching format?

I coach by phone. In most cases, I talk with clients twice a month, though sometimes three times a month is a better fit. Each phone session is about thirty minutes, but, in order to maximize the benefits of coaching, I ask clients to reserve a full hour: fifteen minutes before the phone session (to relax, unwind, and review notes from the prior session) and fifteen minutes after the phone session (to reflect quietly, allow space for new insights, and perhaps write). This hour-long coaching session gives the client permission to engage in the kind of creative, imaginative thinking that is the precursor of positive and freeing change.

How long does the coaching relationship last?

Every situation is unique. If you have one discrete goal, a few months of coaching may be enough. Often, though, clients choose to continue in the coaching relationship because, once they see forward momentum in one arena, they want to explore another. 

This sounds inviting. What is my next step?

If you think you may be interested in coaching, please contact me so that we can arrange a time for an informational call.