One small thing

        I have a question for you.  What one, small thing, if you did it every day, would significantly improve your life?  Invite that question in.  Sleep on it.

        What one, small thing.  Maybe it would only take five or ten minutes a day, but, if you did it every day, it would make a big difference.  Calling one friend a day.  Entering your time before you leave work.  Stretching.  Getting outside.  Singing a song.  Reading a few pages of a book you’ve been meaning to read.  Listening to music.  Enjoying candlelight.  Writing.  Playing the piano.  Organizing your desk before you leave for the day.  What one, small thing.

        Once you know your answer to the question, tell a friend.  Get some company.  And then get started.  One day at a time.