margin, anyone?

        What are you reading lately?  Next time you pick up your book, check out the margins.  There's an inch or so of empty space around each page, right?  But why?  With the cost of publishing and the push to be green, why don't they just fill the whole page with words?  They don't because no one would read it.  Reading a page without margins would be hard work.  And so is living a life without margins.

        We all need margins.  We need unscheduled, uncommitted time in our days, but most of us don't have any, because we choose to schedule 100% (or more) of our time.  Dr. Richard Swenson in his book Margin tells his own story.  He was somewhere around 120%, and he moved to 80%. He had a family and a medical practice, and he made some radical choices.  It sure makes you think.