a prayer

        Thank-you brings so many freedoms in its wake.  Thank-you says that I trust You.  It tells You that I appreciate Your watching over me even when I forget You, even when I sleep.  Thank-you reminds me that I’m not alone, and so it lets me rest.  It frees me to enjoy the moment in the relief of knowing that Your hand holds tomorrow.  It relaxes the muscles that tighten when someone impedes my efforts to navigate through the day in first place.  It lets me enjoy the good gifts You’ve given to others without the misery of envy.  It stops the "if only" thoughts before they can run rampant and ruin the day.  But, most important of all, thank-you honors You, and that should be reason enough for my thanks to overflow.  

        Remind me this day to give thanks.  Make thanksgiving my life song.  I want to sing like the little bird I saw this morning in the top of the tallest tree.  She sang as if her heart would burst, and she made me look up and smile.  So let me sing, Father, that others may look up, too, and smile.  Amen.

"O strange and glorious thought, that we may be a joy to Thee!"