this very minute

        Here’s a simple thanksgiving idea.  Instead of looking ahead, what if you focused on right now?  What if you chose to enjoy this very minute . . . and then the next and then the next?  That way, it wouldn’t just be about getting where ever you’re going.  It would be about finishing the last project at work and packing up and the drive and the company and looking out the window.  And it wouldn’t just be about the big Thanksgiving meal.  It would be about carrying the groceries inside and pulling out the old recipes and remembering the year the whole Thanksgiving turkey ended up in the middle of the kitchen floor and laughing all over again.  It would be about each minute with each person, even the one who drives you crazy (and remembering you probably drive him crazy, too).  It would be about the color and the chaos and the heartache of each small minute.  That’s where the joy is anyway -- not in “later” and not in “as soon as,” but in this very minute.  And here’s the magic -- before you know it, you’ll have enjoyed a whole day’s worth of minutes.  And chances are you’ll want to do it all over again tomorrow.