the steve story

        The reunion was yesterday.   We were eating lunch, catching up a little after thirty years.  When we’d finished going around the table, we started wondering about the folks who hadn’t come, and that’s when Rich told us about Steve.  He said Steve was working overseas a few years ago, so his company was handling his personal tax return for him.  Their tax department contacted the CEO and said, “We’ve got a problem with Steve.  He gave away over half his net income, and the IRS is never going to buy that.”  I don’t know about the IRS, but I thought it was the best reunion story ever.  I’m used to the stories about who got divorced and who landed the right job and whose children got into the right schools, but I’d never heard one about who gave away the most money.  Steve wins. 

"Our great and glorious masterpiece is to live appropriately.  All the other things -- to rule, to lay up treasure, to build -- are at most but appendices and props."  Michel de Montaigne (b. 1533)