what about me?

       We're funny creatures, aren't we?  The one thing we can't stand in somebody else is self-focus.  "Can you believe that guy?  Talked the whole time about himself, and I couldn't get a word in."  Now, granted, self-focus is ugly, but why does it get under our skin?  Why does it make us so mad?  Maybe because the other guy's self-focus makes it impossible for him to focus on . . . well . . . me.  There's something comical about it -- two people in conversation, each secretly vying for the spotlight.  But, in the end, it isn't funny at all.  C. S. Lewis talked about “ruthless, sleepless, unsmiling concentration on the self," and he called it the mark of hell.  That's enough to remind me today to look up and out, entrusting this clamoring self to the One who made it.