coloring monday

        This Monday morning started with the sinking feeling that recess is over and now I have to slog through all the undone chores. After a while, I half-heartedly (because that's all I had left) started reading a psalm, and that's when I saw these magic words: "I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart." In the margin, there were scribbled dates from other days when this verse had rescued me, so I decided to add "1/10/11" to the group. I told all my anxious how-will-I-ever-make-it thoughts to wait in the corner, and I gave my imagination a few minutes to wander around. I ended up in places I haven't been for a very long time -- Mrs. Ewell's kindergarten class; accident scenes that people I love have walked away from; a stormy canoe trip with one of my favorite (used to be little) boys. I just followed along, saying thank-you for the good grace that filled those times, and a funny thing happened -- I started looking forward to all the grace that will surprise me along the path today. Somehow those few minutes managed to color Monday. I guess recess isn't over after all.