the resting rule

        Little people used to have resting time in school between their mornings and their afternoons, but they're not allowed to do that anymore. They have too much to learn, and resting is a luxury they can't afford. Before long, they'll join the ranks of all the frazzled grownups who can't afford to rest either. It's too bad rest is against the rules now. It wasn't supposed to be. In God's operating instructions, rest is a rule. He says to rest one whole day a week, whether we feel like it or not, even (and maybe especially) when we can't afford it. He gave us the resting rule as a present, but hardly anybody opens it anymore. I wonder what would happen if we did? I bet it would be a relief to have one whole day a week to slow down and enjoy the moment and the folks around us. I bet we'd have a lot less headaches and fights and doctor visits. And I bet our Mondays would be a lot different, too.

Help me, Father. I can't remember how to rest. Remind me, and make me brave enough to listen.