live and let live

     Yesterday, I got way off track. I started focusing on somebody else’s behavior -- on what she should have said and how she should have acted. I set myself up as judge. I was right, and she was wrong. Without saying a word, I created a wide and miserable gulf between us.

     This morning, I remembered something very important: I don’t want to mind other people’s business anymore. I want to learn to live my own life and let other people live theirs. I want to allow others to be as they are (and not as I think they should be). I want to live and let live.

     The wide and miserable gulf is already gone.

“When we choose to withhold judgment, we allow others to be as they are. . . .” Br. David Vryhoff

“Be compassionate just as your Father is compassionate. Do not judge. . . .” Luke 6:36-37