looking for gifts

  Yesterday morning I decided to spend the day looking for gifts. I didn’t feel like looking for gifts. It was a travel day, and I felt like trudging through, chore by chore. So I asked for eyes to see the gifts.

  I was surprised. There were so many -- an unexpected call from a friend and a sister’s saying-goodbye eyes and a hummingbird and a workman’s kind help and energy to work and water coming out of faucets.

  My favorite gift was the man from Ghana who drove me home from the airport and told me his story and afterward said with cracking voice that most people just sit in the back seat and give him directions and don’t know or care that he has a story, too. If I hadn’t been looking for gifts, I would have been most people.

“[H]umility is the only posture that can receive the wondrous grace gifts of God -- God who . . . waits to be seen in light off doorknobs and the curve of vases and the mound of laundry.” Ann Voskamp

“Do you have eyes but fail to see. . . ?” Mark 8:18