A few days ago, I had dinner with close friends, and we did something unusual. We told each other about our if-onlys.

     You probably have your own collection--if only I had chosen a different career or grabbed that one-time business opportunity or gone to a different school or gotten married or whatever. The older you get, the more if-onlys you have.

     If-onlys make you feel awful. They say, “It’s too late now. That ship has sailed. You had a chance to lead a full and satisfying life, but you blew it. You should be ashamed.” They convince you that, if only you had made different choices, you wouldn’t feel the gnawing emptiness you feel.

     But they lie. Only one thing can fill our emptiness.

“Only holy time, in which we experience the presence of God, can fill our emptiness.” Marva Dawn

“In Your presence there is fullness of joy.” Psalm 16:11