Sometimes I get stuck. I want to change a habit or start again to do that one thing I love to do, but I’m pulled in too many directions. There are too many voices competing for my attention (including my own you-should and you-never and you-couldn’t voices). I get overwhelmed, so I don’t move.

     That changes when I allow myself to be quiet, because sometimes in the quiet I hear very gentle invitations. They aren’t extraordinary or earth-shattering. Usually they are plain and simple invitations to take one small step, like a child learning to walk. When I say yes, the next step is a lot easier. Before I know it, I’m unstuck. It almost always happens one gentle invitation at a time.

“The voice of God is very gentle; we cannot hear it if we let other voices compete.” Evelyn Underhill 

“[O]verwhelmed with worries about all the things they have to do and all the things they want to get.” Mark 4:19