detours, messes, defeats

     Yesterday, an old friend dropped in out of the blue. I hadn’t seen her in ages, and I was shocked. I had my usual too-long list of places to go and things to do, and her visit wasn’t on my list. We talked and we laughed and we reminisced. Later, when I looked backward from day’s-end and asked myself the question I try always to ask myself (“What was the most life-giving part of my day?”), the answer was clear: the visit. I wonder how often the most life-giving part of my day comes disguised as an out-of-the-blue detour—or even as a mess or a defeat?  

“[W]e need . . . a conviction in our bones that [God’s] purposes and his presence often come disguised as detours, messes, defeats.” Mark Buchanan

“At that moment, open-eyed, wide-eyed, they recognized Him.” Luke 24:31