Prepare To Meet Thy Maker

     In front of an austere little church stands a large sign that reads “Prepare To Meet Thy Maker.” I’m pretty sure that it is intended to be a warning: “Straighten up and fly right. You could die any second and find yourself face to face with your Maker who will be scowling at you, switch in hand.”

     But what if it were an invitation instead of a warning? Then it might mean something like this: “Start today to live arms-wide-open. Learn to welcome and savor and say thank-you for every good gift. Practice loving. Practice being loved. Start getting used to joy because, any day now, you might find yourself face to face with the most joyous Being in the universe.”

“Undoubtedly, [God] is the most joyous being in the universe.” Dallas Willard

“In Your presence is an abundance of completely satisfying joy and gladness.” Psalm 16:11