10 lessons from a three-year-old

10 lessons from a three-year-old

1. Being silly is a good vacation from being serious.

2. When you’re playing with the hose, just play with the hose. Don’t worry about what you’re going to do next.

3. If you need help, ask for it.

4. There’s nothing better than listening to a good story.

5. If you miss somebody special, it’s okay to cry.

6. When you don’t like the plan, offer a compromise.

7. If you can’t figure out where the puzzle pieces go, don’t get upset. Just play with something else instead.

8. If you love somebody, hug him and tell him you love him.

9. When you feel very happy, sing.

10. ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘next summer’ and ‘in half an hour’ don’t make nearly as much sense as ‘right now.’

“Always the world was fresh to him, as it is fresh to children and to the very mature. . . .” Katherine Bregy

“[I]n the wide-open spaces of God’s grace. . . .” Romans 5:2