an island of contentment

         I went to a bakery one morning a month ago, and I am still thinking about the woman behind the counter. She gave me her time as if there were no shortage. She gave me her attention as if there were no line of customers behind me. She told me which treats my grandchildren would like best. She asked me where they live and how often I see them. Her blue eyes sparkled. She was an island of contentment in the sea of the morning rush.

“The way to contentment is found in . . . embracing the life God has entrusted to you.” Br. Curtis Almquist
“I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” Philippians 4:11
Father, I want very much to learn to be content. Today, I will practice embracing my life just as it is—the surprises and the joys, the setbacks and the sorrows.