see always the gifts

         I want to see always the gifts that God is always giving, so I have been looking for them. Sometimes I collect them in writing—“sunlight on ceiling . . . morning birdsong . . . a full night’s sleep . . . laughter at dinner . . . rain on dry ground . . . M’s brown eyes swimming with goodbye tears . . . letting my mistake go . . . steam rising from morning coffee . . . the orange of cantaloupe . . . little boy crew cut . . . laughing instead.” If such small thank-Yous seem naive in light of all the trouble and difficulty in the world, why? Where did we get the idea that trouble and difficulty deserve top billing?

“We see always what we are looking for, and if our mind has become trained to look for trouble and difficulty . . . , we find just what we seek. On the other hand, it is quite as easy to form the habit of looking always for beauty, for good, for happiness, for gladness, and here, too, we shall find precisely what we seek.” J. R. Miller

“Lord, I want to see. . . .” Luke 18:41