We sat outside, bundled in our winter coats, looking up at the night sky. She sat in my lap, her brown eyes wide with wonder. Every few minutes, she would point to the sky: “Moon-star. See it!” And I would say, “Yes, moon-star. I see it.” Then we would sit quietly again, looking up. Sometimes her hood would slip down over her eyes so that she couldn’t see moon-star: “Help me, help me!” I would fix her hood, and she would relax again into wonder.

“[F]orbid that I should look today upon the work of Thy hands and give no thought to Thee the Maker. Let the heavens declare Thy glory to me. . . . Let every fleeting loveliness I see speak to me of a loveliness that does not fade.” John Baillie

Help me, help me, Lord! Uncover my eyes today so that I can see every fleeting loveliness.

“And God made . . . the lesser light to rule the night. And He also made the stars.” Genesis 1:16