Just think how fast five minutes disappears -- waiting in line at Starbucks; channel surfing; checking email.  Would you be willing to cordon off five minutes at the beginning of your day and five minutes at the end and fill that time with thanks?  Before your feet hit the floor in the morning, remember things to be thankful for.  Remember the (seemingly) ordinary things, too -- a roof over your head; the hot shower you're about to enjoy; eyes and ears and legs that work.  Then, at the other end of your day, cordon off five minutes before you fall asleep.  This time, relive your day looking for things to give thanks for.  Remember the hummingbird and the vulture we talked about a few days ago?  Well, this five minutes is the hummingbird flying back over the day looking for the flowers.  So you have bookends -- five minutes at the beginning of your days and five minutes at the end.  Try it for a week and see how the ten-minute bookend time compares with the Starbucks line and the channel surfing and the email checks.