the gift

        Have you ever wondered what God wants you to do?  Most of us only wonder that (if we ever wonder it at all) when we're facing big decisions -- should I move to California?  should I marry this guy?  should I switch jobs?  should I go back to school?  Somehow we have an innate sense that, if we just knew what God wanted, if He'd just make the path clear, all would be well.  But why?  Isn't it because, deep down, we know that what God wants is what's best for us?  

        The funny thing is that, when He does tell us clearly what to do, most of us politely ignore Him.  He tells us over and over again in scripture to be thankful, and most of the time we turn a deaf ear. What if we're missing one of the best things in life?  What if He tells us to be thankful because thankful people enjoy their days, and they're content, and they're not staggering around under the weight of resentment and shame and worry.  What if He's trying to give us the best of gifts, and we're too busy or too stubborn or (maybe) too lazy to listen? Wouldn't that be sad?