one very important thing

     When I see myself through my own eyes, I see a lot of not-enough. I compare myself to other people, and I see all the ways I don’t measure up. Then (depending on my energy level) either I get discouraged or I roll up my sleeves and try harder. That’s the best I can do on my own.

     But I’m learning one very important thing: I’m not on my own. There are people who love me, and because they love me they see in me what I can’t see in myself.

     Sometimes they tell me what they see. I have a hard time believing them (because I’m so used to not-enough), but lately I’ve been wondering – what if they’re right?

     When I wonder that, it’s hard not to dance.

“She sees [in him] what we cannot see, because she loves him.” Elizabeth von Arnim, Enchanted April

“And the Lord God said, ‘It is not good that man should be alone.’” Genesis 2:18