If somebody asked you whether you believe that God is good and that He is in control, you’d probably say an easy yes. The harder part is living today as if that were true – without scrambling to keep yourself safe and secure and in control. You can’t drop all the scrambling at once. You have to let it go little by little, choice by risky choice. So today might be 5% trusting God to manage things and 95% pinch hitting -- filling in for Him, especially at critical points. That’s okay, as long as your percentages are slowly going in the right direction. You have to act yourself into new ways of thinking and that takes a long time.

Pinch hitting: batting in place of another player, especially at a critical point in the game

“Trust (be bold and confident and safe and secure and without care) in the Lord with your whole inner being -- your whole mind and imagination and will and heart and soul.” Proverbs 3:5