really here

     A few days ago, I heard somebody say, “I’m feeling here – not just physically here, but really here. All here. Present. And that doesn’t happen often. It’s unusual for me.”

     That made me wonder how often I’m really here, so I’ve been watching and noticing. I’ve been asking myself, “Where are you?”

     Usually, the answer is not-really-here. I’m either living in a past moment or jumping ahead to a future moment or wishing the present moment were different than it is – wanting to change where I am or what’s happening.

     That seems like a waste of now, so today I’m going to practice being really here -- seeing and hearing and feeling and living right here in this present moment.

     I’m new at it, so I may only be really here a few times today. But that’s okay. I’m just a beginner.

“And God called to the Man: ‘Where are you?’” Genesis 3:9